Microwave Repair

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For all owners using any brand of microwave oven regardless of when it was made as in the case of other major electronic appliances, you can be assured of proper oven operation by following a few simple precautions.
I. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction literature for recommended operating procedures and safety precautions.
2. Examine the oven for evidence of shipping damage.
3. Never operate an oven if the door does not close firmly or is bent, warped, or otherwise damaged.
4. Never tamper with or inactivate the oven safety interlocks.
5. Frequently clean door, seals, and inside of oven with water and mild detergent. Grease around door seal can cause excess radia┬Čtion emission. Do not use scouring pads, steel wool, or other abrasives.
6. Have oven regularly serviced by a qualified serviceman for signs of wear, damage, or tampering.
7. The glass oven tray must be in place when operating the oven. This allows the microwaves to be reflected up into the bottom of food that is being cooked. The tray is a special type of glass and, if it is accidently broken, it must be replaced with the same type of glass from your dealer.
8. Never insert objects through the door grill or around the door seal. Never allow even a paper towel to stick out of the door.
9. Never operate an empty oven.

Users should follow these additional precautions in the case of ovens manufactured prior to the standard (you can tell this by checking the oven for a certification label).

1. Switch the oven off before opening the door.
2. Stay at least an arm’s length away from the front of an oven while it is on.